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Worked with choirs and toured as a cello soloist. Founder of Blue Topaz Records: the first CD recording with own compositions and arrangements was released in February 2006. The second and the third CD with his own music will be released 2013.Produced and conducted the orchestra The Golden Prague in the Czech Republic. Taught violoncello at Svalöv Music School in Sweden and in various elementary schools in Sweden.Composed and produced the musicals The Golden Girl, The Godfather, Noah´s Ark and the Bird.

Produced and conducted music festivals and operas such as Cavalleria Rusticana, Pajazzo and Carmen as well as popular musicals such as Jesus Christ Superstar and A Chorus Line.

Conducted the Collegium A. Dvorak Chamber Orchestra while touring in Sweden, Germany and in the Czech Republic and while making radio recordings and a CD. Conducted the B. Martinu Philharmonic while touring in the Czech Republic and in Germany. Conducted the Sudecka Philharmonic in Poland, Karlovy vary Philharmonic in the Czech Republic. Conducted the Linköping wind ensemble, Sweden, Puellarum Pragensis in Prague and the Royal Orchestra in Prague in the Czech Republic.

Participated in five international conducting workshops and conducted the Windsor Philharmonic, the Marienbad Philharmonic, B. Martinu Philharmonic, Beethoven Chamber Orchestra and Opava Opera Society. Studied conducting with Prof. Jorma Panula Helsinki, Finland.

Employed at the Opera House in Malmö, Sweden. Taught violoncello at the Music School in Lund. Conductor and organizer for orchestra courses in Sweden and in the Czech Republic.

Employed as Professor at the Brandon University and the Music Conservatory in Canada. Taught violoncello, chamber music, music conducted the University orchestra. Played with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra. Member of the Brandon University trio: toured and made radio recordings in Canada.

Toured with the EPOS-TRIO, Sweden and made radio recordings in Scandinavia, Germany, France, Austria, Romania, Italy, Greece, Africa, Canada, USA and Japan.

Principal solo-cellist in the Malmö Symphony Orchestra. Taught chamber music at the Academy of Music in Malmö, Sweden. Recordings made for TV and radio both as a soloist and as a chamber musician.

Employed as violoncellist in the Norrköping Symphony Orchestra and active as a soloist with the orchestra as well and as a Chamber musician.

Studied Violoncello at the Music Academy of Prague in the Czech Republic.

Employed as a violoncello player in the Norrköping Symphony Orchestra in Sweden. Taught violoncello at the Music School of Norrköping. Played saxophone in various bands.

Employed as a clarinet, saxophone and violoncello player in the Military Band of Linköping, Sweden.

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